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Jeffrey Noel Baron

Baron+Associates, Inc. was founded in 1990 as NewTowne Associates by Jeffrey Noel Baron. Our firm offers extensive experience in design, architecture, project management, and real estate development with expertise extending across a diverse range of building types including institutional, office interiors, laboratory, retail, multi-family housing and private residential commissions.

Our services include site planning, feasibility studies, leasing consultation, project management, financial analysis, programming, scheduling, architectural design, interior design, bidding and contractor selection, construction documents, and construction administration. Documentation is available in both hand drawn and CAD formats depending upon the client’s requirements.

We also provide Principal only involvement in our commissions and advise clients concerning potential hurdles they may encounter such as zoning ordinances, historical approvals, building codes, ADA compliance, project schedules, budget constraints and long term maintenance issues. Our knowledge of design, construction and real estate development gives our firm the unique ability to view your project from many perspectives.

From 1978 to 1990 Jeffrey Noel Baron was one of three owners of Unihab Inc., an architecture and development company where he was responsible for managing the architectural staff, negotiating construction contracts and administration of construction for their own real estate developments. Included among these projects are Ten Canal Park, Thomas Graves Landing, Bay Square in Cambridge, and The Quail Run Townhouses in Woburn, MA, among many others. Mr. Baron was also responsible for management of properties owned by Unihab and the value of these developments during his tenure exceeded $100 million.

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